Thursday, July 13, 2006

Got to Feel My Grandbaby Kick Yesterday!:)and pic of Dustin's Grad

Emma came by and while she was visiting little Aiden was apparently playing soccer,lol...anyway, both April and I got to feel him kick,first time we have! very awesome!Image

She also had a copy of Ben's business card, which I thought was really cool, that my son has a business card,rofl, but I get excited about the quirkiest things.

Since I'm mentioning the 'kids', guess I'll say here that Kyle is still loving his job at the jail!(yes, they'll be 60 and 61 years old, and I'll still be saying the "boys":)

My house these days seems like Grand Central Station sometimes .(Hmm,actually, it's ALWAYS seemed like that, that's what having 3 kids and Tony's son around does!!)It's just that everyone's schedule is so different...Tony is working days, and then staying here with April the evenings I work.I am working evenings, love the job but hate that shift! Kyle works 12 hour 'swing' shifts.He's on 'days' this week, so here I am sitting on the computer after work and he will be getting up in just a few hours. Then Tony will be getting up and I'll be sort of sleeping in,and then I'll be cooking 'supper' at 11 a.m. so that I can eat before I leave and then leave the rest for everyone as they roll in and out the door.

I hardly get to see Ben,even though they live next door,lol,since he leaves for work shortly before I get up usually, and then he's home later in the evenings.

Well, I know y'all were breathlessly awaiting all these mundane updates. Image Looks like Tony's son will be starting work the day after his/Ben's/one of my sister's birthdays,lol.(Yes, they all share the same birthday.Very easy to remember!)He'll be working for a temp. company that staffs a local company, and then if he does a good job, after 90 days they generally get hired by the company itself.

Of course, his long-range plans are to do the same thing Kyle is as a guard at the jail, and then becomea police officer. At least they are now...he's only 18!

And looks like Emma will be returning part time to WalMart.I think it will be much less stressful for her than the other job!

April is just "chilling" and enjoying the summer. She had a busy June, with church camp and then a photography class right after school let out, and now.....Nothing,lol. That's what being a kid is all about,right?She's still a riot, the other day she went to the store with me and coming back I turned up the radio for a song I liked and she said"That's too loud!" and turned it down. I said "The mom is playing the radio too loud, and the daughter is turning it down.....what's wrong with This picture?" and with out missing a beat she said "I'm not driving!" ROFL, gotta love her,she's quick!Image

By now, I'm sure many of you are thinking....gee,Kathi, yesterday you said something about "Operation Virus Removal",how's that working out?(OR, you're thinking...oh my gosh, this blog post is ENDLESS,lol)But whichever it is that you're thinking...Operation Virus Removal is on 'hold' for now, till I have time to go out to Tony's and physically beat the computer with a hammer!!Not really, but after spending another hour and a half on the phone with him this morning and still not being able to solve the problem,looks like I'll have the opportunity to 'grow spiritually'. Yes, you heard correctly, I actually found an article tonight that makes an argument for the spirituality of computer viruses.LOL. Click here: Arutz Sheva - Israel National News  Who knew?Just goes to show that you never know WHAT you'll find on the Internet!

(Note: I mentioned yesterday on the blog on my Yahoo page that Tony went home yesterday since I had the evening off, and found out he had a computer the reference to "Operation Virus Removal" above. We spent over TWO hours on the phone last night, and another hour and a half this morning!!)


And P.S. Sgt.Kevin Downs is Home!

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