Monday, December 26, 2005


Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

We had a nice one, I guess the funniest gift I've seen so far is Kyle got a shirt from his stepsister that had a picture of a tricycle, and it said "Chicks dig my ride". We just fell down laughing when he showed it to us last night.

I got a VCR/DVD combo player, and the first three Harry Potter movies. Since Tony had never read the books(read?what's that?lol)I convinced him to watch the first movie, and we ended up through the rest of Christmas watching the other two after that,so he's hooked now(on the movies, not the books:)

Am currently having car trouble, Tony is in the process of trying to fix that. Lynn let me borrow her car the day before Christmas Eve and the morning of Christmas Eve. The most fun I had this Christmas (besides Christmas day) was picking up April Friday night from her 'progressive dinner' and she and Kyle and I went shopping at WalMart at midnight together to finish up buying Christmas.No crowds:) and it was nice hanging out with two of my kids.

Of course, since it was after midnight when we soon as we got in the car to come home they both started arguing their case that because it was technically Christmas eve, they wanted to open one gift as soon as we got home!(we have a tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve.)So yes, Mom gave in and said it was OK:)

One of the best gifts I got was a phone call from my brother in Hong Kong, we talked quite awhile. also talked to Mom and Tracy. Dustin stopped by for several hours on Christmas day, which was a nice surprise.

Now as we head into the New Year, we are all hanging in there with Tracy and Adam as they await the word to receive their daughter from China....can't wait to see the newest family member! You can keep up by visiting A Red Thread to China.

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