Wednesday, December 21, 2005


This is one of my epals, getting a meritorious promotion.

My back is slowly getting better. I hate being less than 100%!

Am waiting on one last gift to be delivered from my online shopping...of course, it's the one I'm most excited about giving! As for the calendars....WalMart told me last Saturday (17)that Fuji was just starting to process calendar orders from Dec.FIRST....yee ha, this might end up being a 2007 calendar!!

April has an assignment to film a movie over the holidays...she adapted that short story I wrote 100 years ago when I was 15, it's for her movie class....I think she did not realize when she took the class she'd have to end up directing and filming a movie! Because of the snowdays, I'm just irked that it got delayed till something to do over the holidays.

Christmas is coming! Besides the 'goose getting fat', I'm not getting any thinner,lol.Image

Tonight is the Christmas play for Sunday school....Ken and Bryan are in it, and April is singing with the other middle schoolers. Guess we're taking Britney with us, Teresa is at her second job this evening and had asked me to keep Brit till she got back. Monday night was the handbell/choral concert...Britney ended up going to that with us also, and Kyle and Morgan went. It was VERY pretty, I just love listening to the handbells!

Am impressed with how dedicated April is to handbells...she's also joined the handbell choir at church. Kyle gave her his old guitar for Christmas, am thinking after watching her Monday that lessons will be a possible birthday sure she would practice.

Well, I need to go start supper, as people will be coming and going and eating in shifts.


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