Sunday, October 14, 2012

Update on things we're doing around the new house :)

We've been here two weeks yesterday, I didn't have a chance until now (actually, didn't find the box that the camera cord was in,lol, until now)
anyway, before we moved in, Tony painted the two smaller bedrooms

this is the room at the back
and this is how it looks currently (we are going to be putting carpet in these two rooms, but the heat pump guy isn't done putting the duct work in yet, we'll do it after that sometime) it's kind of a catch-all room right now.

this is the front bedroom or 'blue room' as we are calling it
and we are temporarily set up in this room, until Tony can paint the master bedroom at the other side of the house
(we've also bought curtains and curtain rods, just haven't gotten them up yet, either)

this is the master bedroom that we need to paint

and it's also the room where we have the computer set up..Tony took down this weird overhang thing (I think this used to be the 'bar' area in the room,lol)

and here's how it looks now, awaiting some drywall up top, and paint

on the back porch, I pulled the plastic down, and discovered the view is really pretty

the new roof is done, yay!
and more to come.....
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