Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just another normal evening here at Chez McClenney,lol.

So the other evening I'm on the computer and I hear Tony start laughing in the other room. When I ask 'what?'he says, 'Um, there's a bird in the house!' So I run into the room and say'there's a bird in the house? how did that happen?'

He replies 'well, I was opening the window to check and see if the storm window was down, and it wasn' when I lifted the screen to pull it down, a bird flew in!'

We start running around the house looking for the bird ,which was easy to find because suddenly two cats and two dogs are all heading for the fireplace room, apparently thinking 'oh look..dinner!' One of the cats had the poor bird cornered and Tony grabbed the cat, but not before the cat had gotten a feather,ouch! So then we shoved all the pets into a room and shut the door,and began trying to catch the bird, who kept flying between the huge front window and the top of the fireplace.

Hilarity ensued..Tony was throwing a knotted dishcloth in the bird's direction to try and scare it lower so we could grab it in a towel..until he accidentally threw the dishcloth on top of the chandelier. He asked me for the window squeegee, but couldn't knock the dishcloth down with that, so I ran to get the ladder. He got the dishcloth down and then we moved the ladder over to the front window to where the bird was again...and the bird promptly flew to the other side of the room to the top of the fireplace again! So I began throwing the dishcloth at the bird, to try and drive it back to the ladder side of the room..which it did, but then immediately flew back to the fireplace again. This went on for several minutes, until finally Tony was able to throw the towel over it and pick it up and we let it out the front door.

We were both laughing like idiots this whole time, and Tony said 'well, at least it's always interesting around here!'.
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