Sunday, October 14, 2012

More house pictures

Here's Riggo in the front room...I think we finally have the furniture about the way we want it there, we've played with some different configurations. and the curtains are temporary, they're from the old house and we seem to be having difficulty agreeing on what color we eventually want for curtains in that room,lol. and here's the other side of the front room..or 'serenity room'..or 'tranquility room' or 'fireplace room'..we seem to have a lot of names for this room!

here's the aquarium that I didn't know I wanted, ha ha, but we got a deal on it right before we moved, and now I love it in the corner of the room

we're starting to put things on the mantlepiece, but the area in front of the fireplace still seems to be a 'catch-all' too

here's the kitchen,I unpacked this room first, which will seem funny to those who know us, since I'm not usually the cook! however, apparently the kitchen has inspired me,lol, because I'm actually the one who cooked the first 'real meal' we had here :)

Tony got a hutch and dining room table from a friend
here's Tony in the 'Redskins room to be'!(kind of seems to be Viking color right now,huh?lol)
and some of the trees are starting to turn, very pretty
well, that's it for now...I'll add more as we get more work done!!
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