Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Summer went by too quickly!!

and it's almost time for April to be going back to college...time flew this summer.
(and now her cousin  is also going off to college,which somehow makes me feel even older,lol, as I just came across a picture the other day, of the two of them together as toddlers.)

It's been a lovely summer,though, starting with the Memorial day picnic we had

and the camping trip in July

the birth of newest grandson Logan on July 22 (and we'll get to meet him in Oct, yay!:)

Tony finally going to a Redskins fan appreciation day!

and going on a helicopter ride at the fair last weekend!

and, of course, I knew that summer was Really winding down when oldest grandson Aiden started school last week!

We'll be having a Labor day weekend picnic, I think, to bid good-bye to summer officially..but summer, you went by Way too fast this year!

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