Sunday, August 7, 2011

Burgundy and Gold!

Anyone who knows us knows that my husband Tony is The penultimate Redskins fan :) One thing he'd always wanted to do was to attend the Washington Redskins Fan Appreciation Day yesterday, we finally Did that, and had a great time!

It was a very hot day, even though it was overcast, and I have No idea at the size of the crowd,lol ("a Lot of people" :) I tried several times to take pics of the crowd to try and give an idea of how vast the sea of 'Burgundy and Gold" was, but looking at the pictures later, unless I would have done a panorama, I don't think it captured it.

Let's just say that I overheard one Fan make the comment to another Fan as they were walking by "I'm kind of freaked out, actually, by all the burgundy and gold in one place, and I'm a fan!"

Old to young, and tall to small, the fans were all thing I've learned over the years about Redskins fans (my Uncle is Also a fan:) is that they Love their team!!
Like Tony in this pic
 they were all happy and smiling.

oh sure, I heard some of them razzing various players, and the coach, at different times(hollering at players to 'make that catch!'and yelling at Coach Shanahan"Year Two,Coach! let's see some results this year!")....but it was all done in fun, and in a lighthearted way....done in 'love of the team', I guess you'd say? lol.

We met a grandmother who was a lifelong fan, she wore the cutest 'Skins cap, and when I asked her about it? she said it was handmade.."but I need to make another one, this one got a little faded because it accidentally went through the washer and dryer, and normally I hand-wash and air dry it"...(THAT's a Fan!) 
and there were high school football players from around the area up in DC,
 there was a very friendly family who sat behind us (and had me cracking up sometimes at some of their comments I overheard as they watched the team practice)
and there were the two ladies who wandered by with sheets of paper in their hands and had downloaded a bunch of info about each of the players and were figuring out who was who out on the field, and critiquing them (that's dedication! :)

All in all, it was just a great one big happy family on a giant picnic. You could strike up a conversation instantly with anyone sitting near you, because everyone was there for the same reason..they're fans, and they love their team! (or, like in my case, they love someone who loves the team, and so I guess I'm kind of a 'fan by default'? lol )

The rest of our pics are  HERE

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