Sunday, December 28, 2008

Please vote for Mom and Dad's dog:) and Christmas 'Wrap-Up'

Too cute:) Mom and Dad entered a photo of " Teddy", their dog, in a contest online at the Minneapolis Star-Tribune, voting starts Dec.29 You can see the entry HERE

(UPDATE: Well, they didn't make it easy to vote, need to register, and once you are logged in, there is a 'search' box with the dog pictures, and if you type in "Teddy" ,there are 3 pages of them and Teddy is on the top right of the 3rd page........if you lasted through all that, thanks for voting!!:)

We had a nice,quiet Christmas. April got her Wii:) which we have been spending the last few days playing with. Kyle came over Christmas day for a few hours to play on it, and Tony got video of me boxing on it (which said video will Never see the light of day,LOL:) April said 'can we post it on YouTube?" and I said 'No way! I will not be the next 'viral video'.......'Granny boxes on the Wii",rofl.

I got Tony an excersize bike (in addition to his Redskins train set) about which he was.....less excited than I thought he was going to be,lol, considering he has been saying for so long that he Wanted one. (and 'excersize' looks wrong? I think I don't know how to Spell it?:)

Actually, the story of April and I trying to Get the bike into the car after I bought it was hysterical. Let's just say that We were laughing so hard at Ourselves that we were crying....and 2 construction guys working nearby gave up all pretense of working, and just stood and laughed their heads off while watching us. I said to April 'if these guys have a camera phone, we're going to be on YouTube",lol.

All in all, it was a pretty quiet Christmas. Hope each of you had a good holiday, and Happy New Year to all!
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