Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Microsoft releasing patch for IE flaw on Dec. 17

A friend sent the link to this news story

and then also in a technical newsletter that I subscribe to, " Windows Secrets" I saw the same story....their article has links to the site to go to for the security patch

(and btw, I've subscribed to Windows Secrets for years, it's a very useful newsletter and website for staying up-to-date on technical news you need to know, and also has a lot of reviews of the best free software out there, check out their home page HERE and the reviews are on the right hand side.)

While the writer of the article about the urgent patch release by Microsoft likes the Firefox browser?
I've been considering using Google's Chrome browser

Any users of either of those have any comments about why you chose the browser you use?
and what you like or dislike about it?

While I'm doing this 'technical' post,lol, I guess I should pass on some of the other websites I've come across that have been helpful in keeping my computer safe and running well.....I'm all 'self-taught' and these are just sites I've either seen recommended in the early version of the technical newsletter I subscribe to (back when I was subscribing to "the Langa list" before it merged with another newsletter to become Windows Secrets) or have just stumbled across.

PCPitstop is a site where you can register for free, and get a scan done on your computer to show what programs are installed on your computer and also how you can tweak your computer to optimize it's performance.

AdAware from Lavasoft is the best free anti-spyware program out there, IMHO, and I've been using it almost ever since I was first given a computer (thanks,Uncle Ken:) back in 2001...I've always installed and run it even when the ISP (Internet Service Provider) I'm using has a free anti-spyware program......"you can never be too cautious on the computer"....LOL, my kids will all tell you I preach computer safety at them all the time:)

An online virus scan program from TrendMicro
Trend Micro Housecall

is a most excellent free scan (takes a long time) to use,particularly if you think you might have a virus on your computer.

I have been horrified in years past,lol, to discover the number of college-age young people who think they Don't need to have an anti-virus program installed on their computer. If your ISP Doesn't provide an antivirus program as part of their package? I've recommended in the past
AVG Free Antivirus which is at least better than having Nothing at all on your one of my son's friends recently found out, After he had gotten a computer virus. don't have to take My word for recommendations:) if you go to CNET's
you can get reviews of free software out there, and find what you need for your computer and download it from a source that isn't going to have a lot of 'add-ons' in a download.

Well, folks, this 'technical post' is over now......don't forget to download and install your security patch from Microsoft!
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