Monday, December 22, 2008

My Crazy Household:)

It's so much fun to have pets, especially around the holidays,don't you think? :)

Here at 'chez McClenney', there's never a dull moment. We have an artificial Christmas tree that also revolves......which of course as soon as we put up this year, we learned that it was better Not to have it revolving, as 3 cats and one dog were chasing it,lol.

so, the other night, I was sitting on the computer, and heard a ruckus behind me....the dog chasing one of the cats around the bottom of the tree,lol.....and when I turned, I was astonished to see the tree was revolving!! apparently, one of the animals had knocked the switch on while they were chasing each other:) it's difficult to go chase the animals away from the tree,while you're falling off your chair laughing.

last night, I was once again falling off the chair with laughter. the computer sits right next to this counter that connects the kitchen and the living room


and imagine my surprise, when I looked up just in time to see Ginger the cat jump up onto the counter, with the entire bag of hamburger buns in her mouth,ROFL, and then she jumped down onto the table and dropped the bag as she was trying to run away with the same time, Tony is turning around saying 'what the?....does she have the whole BAG in her mouth???!!" and I am bent over laughing so hard I can't even just Never know what will happen in our house!

And it appears that we don't have the Only dog that eats the floor,lol, in a trailer for that movie Marley and Me it shows the dog chewing up the linoleum, and I was like "look, Brownie is in a movie!":)

Brownie has also eaten the cord to the Christmas tree, when left alone for a short time without being put into her crate......but Tony has already repaired the cord.
Tony is at the point where he just looks at the tree, with Piper running up the inside of it,or Tiger batting at the ornaments on it, or Brownie chasing Ginger around the bottom of it, and shakes his head and says "I think this will be the last year we have This tree." and sighs,lol.

Tony's Christmas gift this year is a train set


which we have elected NOT to set up around the bottom of the Christmas tree,lol, as we could picture the chaos that would ensue !!

Well, we're off to finish up the Christmas shopping today, just wanted to share tales from our crazy house:)
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