Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Riding with Miss April

I've mentioned before that the dear daughter needs 40 hours of driving time with the 'rents,lol, Before she takes on-the-road driver training at school. (clearly, ha ha, a plan designed to give Me more gray hair?)

In order to help her get the hours, one of the things I try to do when I work 3-11 shift, is to get up at 7 am so she can drive to school that morning, because it's also the only time I see her that day. (and this helps my heart rate in the morning,too!)

So,yesterday was another day I did that (and I ended up working from 3 pm yesterday until 7 am This morning, but that's another story) and while we were on the way to school, we heard sirens in the distance. Turns out, it was a school bus accident:

NOT April's bus, by the way. I Did see the accident and all the rescue/emergency vehicles in the distance when I was driving home after April got out at school, but didn't realize it was an accident With the bus involved until later, when the school system sent out a mass email.
Actually, April does a Good job driving, I even let her drive home from church this past Sunday, on those winding back roads from church .    I think I only used the imaginary brake pedal on the passenger side Twice, which is good, for me,LOL.
She leaves for Hawaii in just a few weeks! Can't believe it's finally here! I was looking at the itinerary yesterday, as I was trying to email Dustin's wife about when April might have free time, the band and choir are going to have an Awesome time!!
We need to go shopping for some clothes for her!!
well, that's my update for now, just wanted to check in.  sister Tracy had a
6 month update  posted yesterday on their blog, and that reminded me that I hadn't checked in here for awhile
.(oh, and sis also has a Birthday, coming up this Friday!!)
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