Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Trip

Well, we're home. Had a great time on our 'mini-honeymoon', after we dropped the daughter off at 5 AM! on Saturday, for Her trip to Hawaii, we set off for Ohio.  Went through some Snow on the way, which startled me,lol....we've had so little snow in Virginia that I guess I just forgot that other parts of the country were still experiencing Winter.

As usual, I Forgot to take pictures of the snow as we were passing through PA and OH :)

The  Rock & Roll Hall of Fame was, I'm sorry, pretty darn disappointing to both of us. Tony is still astonished that they had Nothing whatsoever about Woodstock, for pete's sake....and although sister Tracy asked for pictures? we discovered when we got there that you're Not Allowed to take pictures. (and it would have been way cool, for example,to take a pic of us standing next to the ZZ Top Eliminator car!)

They had tons of security people all over the place, you had to check your camera in and leave it at the coat check stand. Tony asked me 'wonder why they don't check cell phones,too? what about camera phones?" and later, we saw a security guy yelling at someone taking a pic with a cell phone.

So,here's our big 3 pictures that we took on That part of the trip:


We ended up not even Buying anything in their store....the only memento we got was a picture they take when you first come in. 


The  Pro Football Hall of Fame  was Much more fun :) and you Can take pictures in there,yay:) 


We bought several memento's there, and I mentioned to the girl at their shop that we'd disappointed by the Other Hall of Fame, and she said we're Not the first folks that had said that.

All in all ,though, a fun trip! :) and now, here's a picture of something we came across on a back road in West Virginia while coming home....amazing.



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