Friday, March 14, 2008

Radioheads and "Pie Day" :)

It's been a Looonnnggg week....worked night shift all this week, and never seemed to get enough sleep, so even though I'm off today, I still feel like I'm not awake,lol.

Took April shopping with a family friend this past Weds, for her to get clothes for the Hawaii trip.  As always, we 'channel surf' about 7 different radio stations while riding in the car, why stick to just one?

So, I come across an Eminem song, and turn it up...April looks at me and lifts an eyebrow and says "seriously,Mom? you Like that?"

I'm like "oh yeah, I like ole Marshall Mathers....he's a Dee-troit boy, gotta love 'em." so April is texting to her friend 'my mom is So weird',lol. 

 after that song, April is surfing stations and comes across Deep Purple "Smoke on the Water" and says 'Woo Hoo!' and turns the volume up.  I say to her "April, that song is from back in My day.....I think we are seriously mixed up here, you've got the Mom cranking up the rap song, and the daughter cranking up the oldies." :)

We had a Great time shopping, and she got some Great clothes :)  just need to get a few more odds and ends! and then it's Hello Hawaii for our girl,

(and Hello Rock & Roll and Pro Football Hall of Fame for her parents :)

She had a choir concert Thursday night,and after we got home, she said "oh darn, I meant to ask you to stop so I could get a pie for tomorrow."  I'm like "why in the heck is March 14th 'take a pie to school day?" and she replies "Mom.....3 point 1-4?"

The light dawns,and I'm like...."Oh....Pi day!!" and it just struck me funny, so I started laughing....which started April, we're both in the kitchen bent over cracking up so hard that I have tears running down my face. Tony comes in and looks at us, and I manage to finally gasp "gee honey, do you know what tomorrow is? it's Pi day" and then "three point one four" and go off into gales of laughter again. 

He just shook his head and left the kitchen,LOL.


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