Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day, and Beauty and the Beast

Valentine's Day

Tony got me flowers, a box of candy, and a DQ ice cream I'll be a FAT Valentine,LOL:)

I got him underwear (NOT pictured,LOL) and a Tony Stewart tin of chocolate, and a Monkey that Whistles when you press it.

(the pics didn't turn out that great...we So need to get that new camera! :)

And, last night we went to the performance of Beauty and the Beast. You can't take pictures during the performance, but here's our girl after the show...with her chocolate rose, her Real rose, and her 'light up' rose.

The cast did a Great job, and darn it, I Didn't get a pic of cousin Bryan...he was on the other side of the room after the show.


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