Thursday, February 21, 2008

Could I have some ice with that,please?

LOL....I hate coming up with titles, actually.

We are supposed to be in for a winter storm,ice, messy,yuck kind of weather, starting this evening thru Friday. I have a feeling I won't make it home from work for awhile, when I go in later today!

so,I'm packing a small bag to take to work...gee, like it's a vacation or something..NOT :)

We finally got a new camera,Yay:)  so I guess April and Tony can take pictures of the weather,if I don't make it home till sometime this weekend.

 They went Tues night to the final Hawaii meeting(I had to work), April only has to be there at FIVE A.M. the morning they leave!  This should be interesting, they have the kids on two different groups on two flights, on the way there.....and April's group has FOUR different plane changes, on the way Back. Can you say'thank God I'm Not a Chaperone?"

Latest Marriage news? Possibly the 28th of February.   I'll keep y'all posted, this seems to change about like the weather, two days ago I thought it wasn't until March 21.

See ya when I see ya :)


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