Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Fast Food Follies

So, on the trip to KY, we go up to the drive-thru at a Hardee's.

Tony orders his meal, and the girl asks him" Do you want curly fries with that? or bacon/cheddar fries? or regular fries?"  Tony tells her "curly fries".

He orders my meal, and starts to say "curly fries" and I say "No, wait...I want bacon/cheddar fries." so he tells her "um...make one of those orders, bacon/cheddar fries."

She asks him "Which One?"

The LOOK on Tony's face, of complete and utter astonishment.....his face so Clearly said "what does it Matter, Which order has the bacon/cheddar fries?" coupled with the girl's question...."which one?"

I was bent over double,whooping with laughter, until tears were running down my face.


My re-telling of this might not seem as funny as the actual occurrence :) but we now have a new catchphrase in our family,LOL....."Which One?"

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