Tuesday, November 6, 2007

I got flowers :)

Tony brought me flowers yesterday, just to give me a smile....I thought they were beautiful, wanted to share:)

He helped April make 'Japanese Cheesecake" for the International Festival that the school is having(which confused me, because she's in Spanish class,LOL, but I guess they could pick what they wanted to make)

Yesterday was Aunt Lynn's birthday....Belated Happy Birthday,Lynn!

Today is Takaho's birthday.....Happy Birthday,Takaho!! (which I think in Hong Kong,it's tomorrow, so that would mean it was yesterday...only not the same yesterday as Lynn's birthday.....ok, now I'm getting confused again!!:)

Tomorrow is Uncle Don's birthday, so....Happy Birthday Early, Uncle Don!!

(at least no confusion with international datelines There,lol)

The other reason I posted the flower pictures is that, sadly....right after I said "oh,thank you,honey, they're beautiful!"....I looked to my left and said "OOOOhhhh.....Snacks!!" and grabbed a brownie and never thought to thank Tony with a hug and kiss....once again, food trumps romance,lol, a sure sign of aging!!

So I'm putting it out there for the whole world to see....THANKS! for the flowers,
Tony!!  I love you!!



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