Monday, November 5, 2007

Babies Everywhere:)and a Bear

Every morning (or afternoon,LOL, depending on what shift I'm working) the first place I head for is the computer, to check out, of course, how my newest niece is doing

My brother-in-law is doing a Fantastic job of chronicling their days in pictures and posts, plus he writes Really well:)
Although you can hit their link for all the latest, I just had to share this picture, because I think it is "Best Baby Glare Ever" :)
Two other couples from the agency that Tracy and Adam are with are also over in China right now, and in case you wanted to check out their links
and the couple that was blogging here
has set up a separate website to use for the trip.
Lastly, son Kyle emailed a picture from his phone of a bear....they aren't hunting them yet, but they were out casing the woods (is that the term I want? LOL)
The picture was dark, I tried to lighten it up a little.
I've never eaten bear meat, so I hope he gets one when they can actually hunt them!
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