Sunday, November 13, 2011

More Postcards

It's been awhile since I updated with pictures of postcards I've been receiving through Postcrossing
since my last posting I've gotten some from




the Netherlands
(with my fave, lighthouses :)

Tucson (yes,I decided to start getting/sending postcards from around the US,too, I had just been doing international )

(and darn, all of a sudden getting a 'glare' from the flash when taking pictures of the postcards)

and just yesterday, got one from Belgium!

thus far, I've gotten 18 postcards via Postcrossing  I should have 5 more on the way, as I've got 5 'traveling' right now. That's what I like about this, you can't receive unless you send, which makes kind of a slow start when you first begin, but once you start getting the postcards? you're hooked! Hope you've enjoyed the cards!

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