Sunday, July 24, 2011


So I wake up this morning and walk in the bathroom and don't see my hairbrush..I'm 50 years old,lol, and This is the song that immediately starts running through my head..

the other day, the folks next door had hung a small line to hang some towels on their porch..when I took the dogs out in the back yard, Riggo
startled by something new,lol, starts Barking at the laundry on their line..what a Goof!! :)

lastly..we all got new phones with our latest upgrade, and I discover what a Dork I am once again

it actually took me about TWO days to successfully start using the touchscreen, ha ha, without randomly flipping the screen to something I didn't even want..can you say 'tech-challenged'?

have a great day!

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