Saturday, March 27, 2010

Interesting things that have been said in my house.....

"I thought the green beans were pork chops" (this was said by me today, because I didn't pay attention to what was in the Tupperware container...which is what started me on this train of thought.)

"so when do I pour the Jello into the boiling water?" (one of the kids, learning to cook)

"don't worry,Mom, the fire's out" (my oldest son, when he was 12, at the beginning of a phone call to me at work)

"does the clock go up? or down?" (one of the kids, referring to the daylight savings time change)

"I would do it myself if I knew how, but I don't know how,so I can't do it" (Tony, several years ago.....I think he married into the right family:)

there's more......which I remembered until, of course, I sat down to write this. If I know my Mom? she'll think of some goofy things I said when I was younger, in the comment section!

what interesting things have been said in Your house?
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