Wednesday, March 10, 2010

How NOT to start your day:)

So my husband leaves early this morning to go out of town for a class for work, and takes the car and I'll be driving the truck.
I go out to start the truck, placing my purse and lunchbag inside, and then pick up the newspaper from the driveway, shut the truck door and take the newspaper inside the house.

Coming back out of the house, I pull the front door shut behind me and head to the truck to realize.......I had locked the door when I shut it. I head back to the front door, thinking there might be a spare key to the truck inside(although I have a suspicion that the only other truck key is on my husband's key ring and about an hour on the road away from me).....and this is when I realize I had locked the front door before I shut it.

If I had my cell? I could call April to wake her up to let me in....but my cell is inside the locked, running truck. I ring the doorbell and knock, which of course sets the dog barking......I'm sure the neighbors love me for this,lol......April opens the door and I discover, yes I was right....there's no spare truck key in the house.

I decide that what I need to do is climb onto the truck bed and open that Really Tiny Window on the back window of the truck, and see if I can get my arm through it to either reach my keys, or one of the door locks.

Since my arm just waves around in airspace once I insert it through the window, I decide that I will have to attempt to insert both my arm and part of my upper body into the Really Tiny Window. Amazingly, I'm able to do that, by rotating my shoulder as I'm squinching myself through the window(think 'birth')......I'm able by stretching to reach the passenger lock and unlock the truck.....but now, I need to 'un-birth' myself out of the Really Tiny Window.

As I pull backwards, I think 'this isn't going to work as well as it did to get myself Into this space'.....there's a moment of slight (ok, Major) panic where I picture April having to call the fire department to extricate me....and then I take a deep breath and and rotate my shoulder down again as I'm twisting myself back out of the Really Tiny Window.......scraping only about a third of my right upper body and arm as I make it back out the window.

I sit back onto the truck bed and breath a sigh of thanks that I have managed to unlock the truck and not involve the fire department and provide a 3 ring circus for the neighbors, also noting during this time that the woman who was walking her dog by just then now knows how to break into the truck, should she or anyone else watching wish to do so.......get into the truck, and drive off to work.....actually still making it on time:)

Don't try this at home.
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