Saturday, October 17, 2009

Adventures in Hospital Land part 2

The other story I wanted to share is that, on the weekends, the cafeteria in the V.A. center that families can use is closed.
(and the few times I ventured out from the hospital? I Always got lost, lol.....but, I've now seen Howard University...nice university.....although not really right next door to the V.A. hospital:)

anyway, there is a hospital right across the street from the V.A. hospital in DC, and happily, one of the nurses at the V.A. had told me that the cafeteria at the hospital across the street Was open on the weekends.....

so, on the Sunday, I decided to walk over get there,it was kind of a long city block.

On my way to the cafeteria, I passed a gift store at the other hospital, so I decided to stop back by there after I got my food. They didn't allow flowers or cards in the SICU, so I was looking for balloons.

I found "The Most Annoying Get Well Balloon EVER", Sings...."Don't Worry,Be Happy"...every time you tap the balloon.

So ,of course, I bought it :)

(LOL......which led Tony to say later....A"what kind of nurse Are you?"....and B"why would you
Do that to someone recovering from surgery"??????)

after several days, he said "ok, I think it's funny Now".

the real story though, was if only someone could have caught on video, me walking back from the cafeteria/gift shop....I was carrying a bag with my food, had decided to buy both a drink And a coffee......and I had the balloon ribbon wrapped around my hand, because it was really Windy out.

so, every time the wind blew, it blew the @#$% balloon into my head.....and then that %$#@ Song would start playing again....while at the same time, more of my coffee kept sloshing out the top of the cup over my hand and shirt front.....

(there's a reason I'm a card carrying member of "Dork's r Us",lol, if you hadn't figured that out by now:)

halfway back, I was thinking to myself, as the balloon once again bopped me in the head and started singing 'don't worry, be happy".....'if I hadn't spent so much money on this *&%$ balloon? I'd pop the darn thing right now!"

anyway....just another story from our totally unexpected and unplanned 'adventure' in hospital land :)
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