Saturday, November 15, 2008

Musings about AOL Shutdowns

So I stumbled across this last night
X-drive to go as well

(on the J-Land Central blog, which is an information blog for former users of the AOL Journals,which were shut down the end of October.)

Since the AOL blog/journal shutdown, I've had serious concerns about how long AOL itself is going to be around?

Imagine my chagrin, on trying to research some more this find out that there were news/blog posts back in JULY, from a leaked memo, about AOL shutting down numerous services
Click here: AOL To Shutter a Slew of Products - Seeking Alpha

It sure as heck would've been nice to know this back in July, as we AOL Journal users weren't notified till several weeks before the shutdown that the Journals/Blogs were shutting down. But, why would it have occurred to me to research this back in July?

Who sits around and says to themselves "wonder how my ISP is doing?"LOL.

I came across this recent October post about the state of AOL
Click here: Deccan Herald - Yahoo closing in on AOL buy

(and I also think I don't really know the correct search terms to use, to try and discover more about the future of AOL? so any suggestions there would be much appreciated.)

btw, This blog has ended up being a good source of information
anti aol

as I came across it several times while pulling my hair out about AOL Journals shutting down, and also came across it again while checking out the X-drive shutdown
Click here: Anti-AOL - AOL closing down Xdrive, Bluestring and AOL Pictures by Dec.31st.

(since our family was Using X-drive , I was trying to research more about the shutdown.

for those who don't know, X-drive was on online storage provider for photos and videos, at least that's what we used them for, to have one central place for our family to share pics and video privately.)

I foresee the last few members of my family (including myself) that are using AOL to slowly start pulling away from using AOL altogether....which means I also need to start transferring 'favorite' links and decide on another main email service for us to use.

all of which, pardon my language, is starting to look like a giant bite in the shorts. in addition to all the troop support stuff I do online, I now have to find time to start preparing for Another major move of information, plus figure out...can I change all my sign-up email passwords on all the various services I use? in case AOL entirely kicks the bucket?and...what's going to happen to AOL Instant Messenger?

sometimes....the 'joys of the Internet" Aren't really very joyful,lol.

Catch you later!
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