Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things that leave you Flummoxed....

Y'all know that I'm a "word-lover",lol, and the word "  flummox " was recently brought to my attention :)

"Flummoxed" seems like a good word for what I didn't have time last week to mention is going on in our community. (since I was so busy with my volunteer work for Soldiers Angels last week)

I can never seem to link to archived newspaper stories from our paper....don't know if this is an AOL quirk, or just a user lack of knowledge ,ha ha, but.....this article nicely summarizes what has me flummoxed, befuddled, confused......

Cost Of Investigation Unclear, Ford Says by Jenny Jones

Yes, the latest scandal in our town is allegations of drug usage and drug-selling by high school football players, at our daughter's school.

I could just weep,  that one of the Star football players has probably just tanked his entire future over this. This is a young man that I've seen play, who has gotten untold amounts of press in our sports section over the past several years, getting ready to enter his senior year with an extremely bright future and a scholarship offer from UVA.....all in jeopardy now.

In a related story also in today's paper

Two Juveniles Arrested In Robbery Case by Pete DeLea Posted 2008-04-15


Big doings going on, in the 'Burg, as we so affectionately call it....and something that I'd just as soon Not see. So many lives are going to be affected by this, so many futures wrecked.

I'm naive, I know....but it just all seems such a waste. Particularly when here's a kid who Had a talent for sports, that would have potentially taken him very far.....and now he's just jeopardized everything. Sigh.

In news closer to home?  same old, same old, I guess. Work,etc. Tony is just about to finish his class he's been taking on Plumbing Codes.  We Still haven't even taken April's disposable camera's in to get those pics developed.....but, this might be a genetic failing on my part,LOL......I'm still waiting for Mom to upload her 2005 pics of the trip she and Dad took to Tokyo!

Spring was here...briefly....and then has left again, and why does cold always seem Twice as cold, when you had those warm days to tease you,lol.

Tomorrow is the anniversary of the Va Tech shootings.



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