Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Random updates

Well, the 26 cooling ties are done :)

(My contribution,lol, is that I took the pictures :)

Now, we just have to get them boxed up and sent off.


Our girl returned from Hawaii on Sunday afternoon, exhausted, but she had a great time!  We sent disposable cameras with her, so will have to get those developed.

Her luggage, and that of 50-some others in the group, took a side trip somewhere on the way home, so it didn't arrive until yesterday.


Son Kyle has taken up a new hobby " flow riding ", at the Massanutten waterpark  (that I've never yet been to,lol:)

He showed me some cool videos of flow riding, here's one:



(not Kyle in the video)  Looks pretty cool....although I can't picture Myself doing it,LOL:)


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