Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Farewell (lol, I'm a Dork)

 I think I've mentioned before that I'm prone to dorkiness Yesterday, my plans were to go out to the boyfriend's house to say goodbye to his son one last time before he left for Basic.He was supposed to be leaving at one p.m.

I got a call at 9:24 a.m., saying the plans had changed and he'd be leaving at TEN A.M.!! Yikes!(and they live a little over 30 minutes away!)

So I hurriedly drove out there (naturally observing all speed limit laws, for any police or corrections officers--hi,son--who might be reading this) and arrived shortly before 10. No time to get all 'gushy' or sentimental, it was basically one quick hug and then he was taking off.

Then he ran back into the house for something he forgot, and so I went to the door to wave goodbye as he got back into the car with his ride....and I somehow managed to trip and get my foot caught in the gap at the top of the wooden step and start to fall forwards, and then catch myself by grabbing the door as it swung away from me. ( I did this while WAVING with my HAND, for Pete's sake,got my FOOT caught!.....the classic definition of a dork, I believe)

This was not exactly the picture I wanted to leave him with, of the 'folks back home",rofl. Judging by the look on his face? he was most likely saying to his ride "for heaven's sakes, get me AWAY from here as fast as you can!"

The good part about it is that his Dad didn't have any time to get sad or sentimental right then about his only son leaving....he was bent over laughing too hard.

Well, that's the story of the farewell that I wanted to share.

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