Friday, January 12, 2007

"The best laid plans of mice and men,often go awry"

(Quote adaptation from a Robert Burns poem )

Sheesh, do they ever "go awry" or "gang aft a-gley", however you wish to say it :) Thursday morning my plans were to go shopping for some cards for soldiers, and then go to work.

Instead, I ended up going to the ER with chest pains, and then spending the night in the hospital and having a Stress Test on a treadmill this morning. THANKFULLY, there is NOTHING wrong with my heart after all :) they have decided it's probably  GERD  and I've been given medication to treat that. So,thanks,God! that it wasn't anything life threatening! :)

(and,FYI,Stress tests on a treadmill ARE very stressful,LOL,in case you were wondering.)

I'm grateful to my family and friends, for all the support and all the prayers....there was a time period yesterday morning when I gained a deeper understanding of the word "terrified". And thanks,also (I guess?lol) for all the folks in my family who quoted my own words back at me, to get me to go to the ER...."It's better to go find out it's Nothing, than to worry about what it Could be." (note to self for future...always remember that platitudes you quote to others can someday be quoted back to you, and probably at a very Appropriate time, which can irk you, if you are a control freak who thinks they are in the middle of a major medical episode,lol.)

Seriously,bless Emma for acting first and panicking later....always the best thing to do in a crisis. Bless Ben, for being concerned enough to shave 15 minutes off a 30 minute drive to get himself there to hug me (and bless God that no policemen noticed him doing that,lol.) And bless Tony for saying "Grab my hand and I'll say a prayer" in the ER,because in my terror at the time I could only get about as far as "God..." in any prayer of my own. I'm sure the good Lord knew what I was Trying to say, but it gave me some Peace, to hear someone else put it into words.

Thanks,( I THINK?) to April and Kyle, for waiting until today to make fun of how silly I was from the medication they gave me last night.:) (to my face,anyway,lol, I'm sure they walked out snickering at me last night.)

And,again, bless all the rest of my family, for the prayers they started, and the other folks they got to also start praying, as soon as they found out what was going on. I love you all!

Well, that was My Thursday and was Yours?


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