Wednesday, December 6, 2006

My life is so interesting,LOL

Hmm...where to start :)  Well, remember that Wreaths Across America thing I  posted about awhile back ?   

The Patriot Guard Riders  ,which I signed up for in July but have never made it on a mission, have joined in on this to provide an honor guard and participate in the Wreath Laying coming up on Dec. 14th.

So the other day I emailed someone, because the National Cemetary in Staunton was one of the places listed where they were going to lay wreaths, and asked who I would contact about participating in this?  The PGR guy who emails me back decides that the person who is going to be coordinating this is....ME,rofl.

I located the Civil Air Patrol guy who is going to be in charge of the ceremony, and then I have spent the last few days talking to folks like the owner of the Shenandoah Harley Davidson place in Staunton, emailing another PGR member who like myself has never gone on a mission before, emailing and talking with the Civil Air Patrol guy who found out he was in charge of this about 10 minutes before he got my first email,LOL......emailing the first PGR guy I contacted to say "Yikes! You are putting Me in charge of this, and I've never BEEN on a PGR mission before....and I don't even have a bike!!" (I have visions of me ticking off large groups of bikers,lol, by showing up out of the blue and saying a la Casper Weinberger "I'M in charge here!" rofl.)

And I have apparently become the 'go to' gal here :) because in talking with all these various folks, they were all unaware of Each I was like, hey, y'all all need to know that the Harley Dealership owner is talking to the VFW and some active duty service members, the Civil Air Patrol guy is talking to the American Legion...and that some fellow named 'Dewey' and I, who have never even ridden on a Patriot Guard mission before, are handling That end of it,rofl.

In the middle of all This, April wakes up last night and starts the scene from the Exorcist (think vomiting) at about 2 a.m. So she stays home from school and misses the first practice for the musical.

I missed the phone call from the gentleman who served on the USS Pamanset with Grandad in WW II, but he is calling me back tomorrow(says he has a picture of Grandad,very cool)

And I have been working all week during all of this,lol.

So, that is my life to is Your week going so far?? :)

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