Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Big news,Busy,busy,busy! and frustration,LOL

Yikes,I never seem to post to this blog as much, sorry!

Of course, it's mainly for 'family and friend' news updates...maybe nothing ever happens in our family here? LOL

My biggest update is that Dustin joined the Army, was sworn in yesterday and leaves in Jan!!

And my second bit of news is that Kyle decided not to wait until Jan or Feb to move to his cousin's apt, and has moved out this week to live with some friends here in town.

I received the things that the man who served with my Grandfather sent, you can read more about that on my other blog here  

and you can also read about what I'll be doing this coming Thursday here 
the behind the scene story that I Didn't post about on the other blog is that I have been heavily involved in making the Patriot Guard Riders portion of this ceremony happen. Originally, one of the state Road Captains tried to make ME the "Ride Captain",lol...but I deferred to a biker. I still attended a meeting with the owner of the area Harley shop and the man who is going to be Ride Captain last Friday though, and I have also spent a lot of time emailing and phoning with the Civil Air Patrol guy who is arranging that end of it.
Yesterday, the Civil Air Patrol guy offered me the opportunity to read the speaking portions of the ceremony...I was like Yikes! but said to him that although I appreciated the honor, that the script clearly says that the Civil Air Patrol rep is supposed to do that part.
This whole thing is sort of mushrooming,lol...the Harley guy was going to email our state reps from the area, to let them know the ceremony is taking place.  This has been so awesome, to be involved in planning all this! because I really think it is going to be very cool, to attend the ceremony on Thursday (before I go to work! nice that the cemetary is located in the town where I work.)
Emma is gone right now getting Aiden's Christmas pics taken,and she and he will leave Friday for Arkansas to visit her mother, and be gone till the 22nd. It will be very weird, to not have Aiden here.
This past weekend at work was horrible!! because we have a resident who has gone into a major decline, and yet keeps trying to walk, so is frequently falling down. Essentially, my coworker and I on the unit of 14 spent the weekend taking turns with one of us sitting with the woman to prevent a fall, while the other one tried to do the work we needed to get done for the other residents. But if anyone else needed help while the other worker was giving care? we of course had to go take care of them...and be on pins and needles that the woman we were trying to keep safe would attempt to get up. (and yes...she DID, several times over the weekend, and so had several more falls.)
We are an assisted living facility, not a nursing home...so we are not set up at all for this level of care, nor can we on a unit of 14 Alzheimer's residents have one staff member out of the two sit 24/7 with just one resident.It was the most nerve-wracking weekend I have ever had since I started working there last May!! (that resident will be moved elsewhere as soon as the family can find a nursing home placement)
In other work-related news,LOL, how many of you can say that a 103 year old put you in a headlock and beat the snot out of you? :) We are getting a 103 year old lady on the empty bed in our unit, essentially because we are a locked unit and she has taken to wandering in her wheelchair.(like last week....out the front door of the facility, with her legs held out in front of her and going 90 miles an hour down the walkway into the parking lot!!)   We had her up on our unit last night,even though she hasn't moved there yet, because she kept trying to exit the building downstairs....so she combined with our other problem resident made for a fun evening.
Anyway, she proceeded while we were tied up with our problem resident to put herself to bed in someone else's bed! and we just let her sleep there until her aide from downstairs came to get her...and then I went to assist the aide to get her out of the bed, which is when she started swinging,lol, and then got me in a headlock while punching the aide and myself! This woman is only like 90 pounds, but she packs a mean punch...and I also had a heck of a time extricating myself from the headlock!! Pretty darn strong for 103!! But how can you NOT love someone who can still be that feisty when they are over 100 years old? :)
And I guess that''s it for now:)
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