Wednesday, November 8, 2006

With a baby in the house....

I find we are all remembering songs, and all kinds of things we haven't thought of in a long time :)

Like, I started doing that thing "How big is Aiden? Sooooo big!" (and lift up his arms) Emma asked "is that something standard? Because my Mom did the same thing while she was here."  I said "Yes, I believe it back to prehistoric times" LOL (which would be when I had MY babies :)

So yesterday, I had the beginning of a song stuck in my head, largely because Emma did one of our bathrooms in a 'Ducky" theme :) When Ben came home, I asked him "do you remember that song with the line...."put down the ducky?"  He asked if I meant Rubber Ducky, and I said no, that's not it.

You know me,lol, this morning I Googled it. The line goes ...."Put down the ducky, if you want to play the saxophone.." ROFL...and there's actually an international training agency that has it as their Theme song!!! 

(the things you find out when you Google :)
One things my children will tell you, is that even though I can't carry a tune, there was a lot of music and singing when they were little...I got that from My Mom.  And with Ben and Kyle being 6 and 8 years older than their sister, they were exposed to all kinds of baby/kids songs and videos.
Like Veggie Tales   lol, in my family, all you have to do is start out "oh, where is my hairbrush?..." and everyone knows the words to the song :) We also used to always sing the song from the Elephant Show ("Skinnama rinka dinky dink, skinnamarinky do...I love you.") And we all recall when Blues Clues came out :) "we are looking for blues clues,we are looking for blues clues..."
I know from some of my pediatric patients when I was doing home health that there are all kinds of new children's shows, which I'm sure we'll get exposed to now that we have a little one around again :)
But for now...there's suddenly a lot more singing of nonsense songs going on in my house :)
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