Sunday, September 28, 2014

Our "Three Amigos"

A friend in Australia refers to her dogs as 'the 3 Amigos', and now that Bo has joined our family, we have our Own 'Three Amigos'

                                        Brownie,Riggo and Bo

It was hilarious this morning when I tried to do my stretches for my back (I hurt my back the end of August)..I normally do them in a room where I can close the door, since I lay on the floor to do them..but all three dogs were napping, so I thought I'd try lying on the floor in the front room.

Is there such a thing as 'too much love'? I think so,LOL, at least it felt that way this morning when as soon as I laid on the floor, I suddenly had the 3 dogs plus one of the cats decided that my actions meant I wanted to play with them...I was literally 'rolling on the floor laughing' while trying to fend off the affections of all of the pets, ha ha.

I gave up and decided to go stretch in a room where I could shut the door!

Bo,Riggo and Brownie

Well ,it's always fun to have pets. and this Used to be My couch, ha ha.
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