Friday, April 25, 2014

Checking in :)

yikes, haven't posted since Feb!
A lot has happened since then, our trusted Ford Taurus was on it's last legs, so we got a new car :)
and, as the husband says, the monthly Payment to go along with the new car!!
We're both excited, this is a 2013 and that's the Newest car either of us has ever had!

Son Ben and his fiancee Emma got married! ( on our anniversary, so I'll never forget Theirs,lol)Welcome to the family,Emma! so happy for you guys !!

Son Dustin came to visit, and we took No pictures whatsoever,lol.

and, after 7 long years, I Finally (thanks to the best husband in the world :) have a clothesline!!
which may not seem like that much, but I Love the smell of clothes and sheets,etc. after they have hung on the line :) the previous place we lived you couldn't have never know how much you want something until you can't have it!!

Other than that, I have not been having the greatest time healthwise, I've managed to have 2 pulled leg muscles a month apart, which stinks, because I do a Lot of walking as a nurse, plus this second injury has also meant I won't be able to volunteer at the 2014 Face of America bike ride :(

but aside from the health glitches, life continues to be blessed and we are happy :) Hope all you and yours are the same!
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