Thursday, April 25, 2013

The Deck is Done :)

The deck was done a few weeks ago, have just been busy, finally posting the pics :)
here are the'before' pics
                                       Brownie and Riggo, checking out everything :)

                                   Tony re-did half the deck at a time (and the front end loader in the background is for the pool guys,yay :)

                                  and I still have a bench!!
                                      Dustin was home for a quick visit and helped his Dad with the second half of the deck.

                                       me,displaying the gate :)

                                       looks pretty good,huh? Tony does good work!!

also, in the past few weeks, I Finally found time to take down and clean all the chandelier pieces in the fireplace front room, and replace all the burnt out bulbs!

                                   More to come...the pool is coming along nicely, and Tony is working on the Redskins room!!
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