Monday, March 25, 2013

Front hallway is done! and..Snow :)

Tony had painted the celing and walls in the front hallway, and just this past weekend, finished laying the tile.


daughter April had brought us this beautiful wind chime from a trip to the Baltimore aquarium,
and we decided it would look perfect hanging here :)
work was started on the pool, and then we've had Two snowstorms, so thus far the 'pool to be' just looks like a giant meteor hit the backyard,lol

of course, with the latest snowfall we had last night, it looks like a giant Snow-filled meteor hole :)

sigh...maybe the pool will be done before Memorial day!!

for your enjoyment ( I Love snow:) here's some more pics...I love sitting in our front room and watching it snow!!

and I love watching the birds, we always put bird seed out when it snows :)

Tony is now working on the next-to-last indoor project..the 'Redskins bathroom'...will let y'all know when that's done(and post pics:) The 'Redskins room' will probably wait till fall..Tony's not as happy about the snow,lol, it's keeping him from starting on all the outside projects he has planned!

Y'all have a wonderful day :)
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