Saturday, February 16, 2013

Congrats! to Dustin,Happy Birthdays for Feb, and other stuff

Last Sunday Tony and I made a quick trip to Georgia to see Dustin get inducted Feb 11 into the Sergeant Audie Murphy club, I posted about it over at my troop support blog

Here's some other pics from the trip, we were only there Monday and Tues, and headed back home Weds..too short!!

The McClenney men, before the ceremony :)

                                 Dustin and Logan

                                          Mari ,Dustin and Logan (he's a bundle of energy :)

                                          and I think this was a good pic of Tony and I :)

Also, yesterday was son Kyle's birthday! and tomorrow is my Dad's..Happy Birthday,y'all :)

lastly, Tony is getting to work on one of the bathrooms, here's the 'before' pics
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