Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Saga Begins..

since the closing on Tuesday(Yay!) we've been busy! (and when I say 'we',lol, what I mean is mostly Tony has been busy and I have been working and then doing what I can to help in the evenings)

He's gotten the yard cleared in the back

(didn't realize there was a fence behind all that, did you?)

and then he's gotten the fence taken down around the pool (and when I say 'pool', I mean what Used to be a pool...and will be again someday :)

and this week turned out to be 'Have a refrigerator to visit' week, as it took us until the Third try,lol, to get a refrigerator that fit into the kitchen.  First, we got 'the most beautiful refrigerator in the world', but we forgot to measure Depth, when we measured Length and Width.

Then, we picked out the second most beautiful refrigerator in the world..but we were so tired that we must've measured the width wrong..and it didn't fit.

The third time, we didn't care anymore how beautiful the refrigerator was, we just wanted one that fit so we could quit driving refrigerators around the county,lol.

Today, we went out to get some cleaning done inside...and had some awesome friends who came out to help us! (and folks who didn't live close enough to do that were 'there in spirit',too, but it was harder to see those results,lol)

more to come as the adventure continues...........

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