Monday, December 19, 2011

Hoping for a better week,lol

Last week was interesting, hoping this week will be Less so, ha ha.

First of all, while leaving my work Christmas dinner last week, which my daughter attended with me, I fell down out front on the sidewalk.

How did this happen, you ask? (or, you would ask that if you didn't know me, lol, and know that I'm a dork :)

I was walking, and talking, and trying to get my keys out of my purse at the same time, basically. And my left foot landed half on the sidewalk and half in the mulch next to the walkway, and Boom! down I went.I landed on my right knee and hand, which I'm happy about because that's better than landing on my face!

 Daughter April says "are you all right?" and then starts laughing before I can even answer,I'm pretty sure it looked hilarious when I went down.  She later texts her Dad, who replies "Is she all right?" and then Actually texted "As I Start Laughing". This is my family,LOL.

The second interesting thing that happened last week was ...ordering out for food.Which seems like it would be fairly simple and straightforward, doesn't it? And yet....

When I called in the order, they told me it would be about an hour for delivery. Seemed fair, I was calling right during dinner time. However, it ended up being an Hour and a Half, and it's that last half hour that provided the (later, not at the time) laughter :)

about an hour and ten minutes after I'd ordered, the delivery man calls and says he's having trouble finding our house. I describe it, and then decide to go outside and see if I can see him. I Do see him, down on a cross-street at the end of our street, driving back and forth. He's in the 700 numbers of the block and we're in the 400's, so he's Never going to find us that way. I call back to the food place and while I'm trying to explain to them how to tell their delivery guy to find me? he actually drives up at the end of our driveway!  and I am jumping up and down and waving my arms and yelling "this is the house! this is the address!" and I can Hear him thru the open window on his van tell the person at the restaurant that he 'still can't find the address"!!!!AS HE TURNS AROUND AND DRIVES OFF UP THE STREET!!...with me still in the front yard shouting, waving and jumping. (which you would think would have been hard to miss,lol,I didn't see any Other house on the block that had 'plump,screaming, jumping Grandma' out in the front yard at exactly that time)

Well, he eventually found our house, and I expressed my Extreme displeasure,and I do not foresee ever ordering from them again.

Later in the evening, when I described it briefly on Facebook, my friends and family started a comment thread about the whole thing that was pretty hilarious, and also helped me to see the funnier side of this story.

And so, that was my week last week in a I said, hoping this last week heading towards Christmas is a lot better! and also hoping that the week goes well for all of You :)
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