Sunday, September 4, 2011


My longtime online friend Guido  has been using Postcrossing for several months , and recently I was finally inspired to join myself...Postcrossing is "a project that allows anyone to receive real postcards from random places in the world".

I'm excited because the first two of the 5 recent postcards I've sent have been received, which means that my name is now in the line-up for Me to receive some postcards (you have to send to receive, in a nutshell :)

The above pic is from a Fall drive Tony and I took in 2008, and I found a great deal on Vistaprint to get my own postcards printed (I'd used them before for address labels for Soldiers Angels mail) and so the above is my postcard!

A friend of mine was inspired to join Postcrossing even before I did, from a link I posted on Facebook, and she has come up with the wonderful idea of using a website to log pics of both her 'sent' and 'received' postcards, the website is Remembering Letters and Postcards

There is also a Postcrossing Blog 

and this is the First postcard that I sent out

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