Friday, February 18, 2011

What Valentine's Day was like in our house:)

This story really starts on a day I was shopping by myself, and thought to myself how efficient it would of me to buy Kyle's birthday card, and Valentine's cards for Tony and for April, and then I also found the Perfect Anniversary card for Tony while doing so, so efficiently bought that,too.

I took them efficiently home, and then proceeded to forget about them,lol... until the night I was having the dinner for Kyle's birthday and someone walked in with a card for him, and I was like 'oh crap, I forgot all about my card!" and raced upstairs to find it.  I wrote 'Kyle" on the front of an envelope and then rapidly looked through the cards and grabbed his birthday card and Thought I put it in the envelope I'd just signed.

Fast forward to Valentine's day, when I got up and  walked right by the giant heart -shaped box of candy and card from Tony for me, that were right in the middle of the kicthen...  not once, but Twice! before I saw them and said 'oh my god it's Valentine's Day!' and ran back upstairs to get Tony's card.

by this time, I had totally forgotten that I'd also bought an anniversary card, so while pulling out the cards, I was like 'hmm, I must've bought him Two cards" and so I signed two cards and stuffed them in envelopes and ran back downstairs and said "Happy Valentine's Day!" to my husband......who opened the first one and said "this is a really nice card, but why are you giving me an anniversary card Today?" and then proceeded to pick up the second card and say " this card supposed to be for me? because it says 'Kyle' on the front"

at that point, he was laughing..and I just threw my hands up in the air and said "you know what, I'm not doing Anything else this morning until I go get a cup of Coffee! and also, I will Never again buy a bunch of cards ahead of time to try to be efficient!!"

later that day, I sent Tony a Valentine's e-card.

 when I got home from work the next day, the reply email for the card said "really liked this card....if it was supposed to have been for me??"

and thus, another peek into our life :)

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