Monday, January 3, 2011

Yet another reason I love my husband:) Happy(early) Birthday to April!

I had the idea while we were packing April up for college and going through her clothes...she had T-shirts going all the way back to middle school, from drama productions or musicals she's been in, to youth group and volunteer activities that she participated in and got a shirt from.....why not make them into some kind of patchwork quilt?

so we saved them, and I eventually found some directions online for how to make just a 'square block' quilt, but since I've never quilted, wasn't quite sure how to do the quilting Tony brought up the idea of tying fleece on as the backing....and then, he just took the whole thing and ran with it, sewed it all together in one day, and we just finished tying the fleece backing on today, so we gave it to April today:)

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