Saturday, September 18, 2010

Changed my mind,lol.......

I know I said I wasn't going to post any longer on my family blog, but I changed my mind today.

There are some days that are just too ridiculous to condense into a status update on Facebook,lol, and I  wanted to share the absurdity:)

Tony and I got up this morning to go visit daughter April at her college, and decided to stop and eat at McDonald's for breakfast before we left town.  We were driving two cars.....April's car,because Dustin had been using it while he was home on leave
(he left Weds....bye,Dustin,we'll miss you!)

and my car.  We went into Micky D's, which was extremely busy, and I ordered hot cakes, since we were going to eat there.  Thought that they automatically put syrup on the tray when you got hotcakes? but found out I was wrong....fought my way back thru the crowd to catch someone's eye and ask for it....went back to where the drinks,napkins,etc are and discovered that apparently the plastic fork thievery has become such an issue for McDonald's that they daren't put them out where they are easily accessible? (or possibly it's a cost cutting measure ? how much could a box of plastic forks cost,really?)

Got my fork, and went back to the table,took one bite of my hotcakes......and they were stone cold. when I started to get a bad feeling about the day.

After getting hotcakes that were, we finished eating and walked out to the parking lot.Tony looked at my back tire on my car and said "hmmmm".....which ended up meaning "I just noticed a wire sticking out of your tire".

My bad feeling got worse.

After checking out two tire places and deciding that we wouldn't fool around getting the tire taken care of today, we came back home to switch to taking the truck and April's car on our trip. When we pulled into the driveway, Tony said ' I just noticed April's heater isn't working.'  So, we decided we weren't going to leave her a car with something wrong with it.......we changed our plans to, let's just drive down and visit like we were going to, and we'll take her car down after Tony has a chance to fix it.

I walk into the house to heat up my coffee before we take off, and I walked into......Fluff World!!!! fluff, and foam, spread All Over the Living Room floor......fluff and foam that came from the loveseat, apparently Brownie had decided while we were gone to show Riggo just how much fun it is, to pull foam out of the cushion and fluff out of the side of the loveseat, and then spread it all over the room and play with it.

I began to wonder if possibly God was trying to send us a message not to go today?

Being unsure if that was the message,lol, and  knowing April wanted us to visit, and we also wanted to go see her, we hit the this point,laughing because the day just kept getting more and more ridiculous. Tony made the comment "what Else could possibly happen today?"

You should Never, Never say that!

About an hour down the road, the police car in the median turns on it's flashing lights right as we are going to Tony "is that for us,do you think?"

Tony "don't know"long pause......"yes, it's for us."

So, when the officer walks up, we are both sitting there laughing our heads off. NOW, we knew what else could happen today!!
We did after that make it to visit April, and had a nice visit, and made it home without anything else happening......

that was our was yours? :)
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