Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The dog killed the pool:(

Well, actually, I think it was the Owner who Let the dog out who 'killed the pool'....which would be...ME.
Tony had started setting the pool up yesterday, and saw 5 small tears he needed to patch, so he stopped filling it up and patched them and left them to dry.

And then yours truly let Brownie out into the back yard and Forgot about her being out there, alone with the pool......until Tony asked me "where's the dog? did you ever let her back in??"

at which point we both raced down the basement stairs to look out into the backyard.......and saw a blissfully happy, incredibly mud and sand-covered dog cavorting across the vinyl bottom of the pool in joyous abandon.

I can laugh about it now:) at how gosh-darned Happy the dog looked........but I sure didn't feel happy last night! while viewing the long gashes that her nails had ripped into the vinyl.

So, it's 'goodbye, served us wonderfully for 2 whole summers, and we had a great time with you" (and I think for awhile the husband was considering carting both Wife and Dog to the dump,LOL, along With the pool !!)

April asked later in the evening "what are we getting Mom for Mother's Day?" and her Dad replied "apparently, a POOL!" (don't think that was really on the gift list, until I decided to let Brownie outside:) so see, there's a positive side to, my bad decision and forgetfulness led to an easy gift-buying decision for my family......LOL.
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