Sunday, March 22, 2009

"Little boxes....."

So yesterday while Tony and I were driving to the Highland Maple Festival

we were listening to the local radio station there WVLS 89.7 FM

They play an eclectic song list, as it's hard to get stations over there in the mountains,so I was happily singing along to several oldies that came on (and those of you who know me? know that I Can't carry a tune,, Tony was suffering:)

Anyway, I guess it was hearing the oldies earlier that made me think of this song
Little Boxes by Malvina Reynolds

when we passed a little subdivision on a hillside while driving back home. (it would be cool at this point if I could insert a picture of said subdivision, but I am more famous for the pictures I Didn't take, than those I Do,lol:)

I started singing the song, and Tony was like "what in the World are you singing?????" I'm like,"Dude, you never heard this song?!"

so, I went looking for it when I came home, I found the song on YouTube

YouTube Pete Seeger:Little Boxes

(and I'm sure it's the Pete Seeger version I remember, from 'back in the day')

while searching for it, I found that the song was the opening song for the first three seasons of the Showtime series Weeds ....just an interesting side note, I've never seen that series.

But, I digress, here's the pics we Did take yesterday

Highland Maple Festival 2009

it was a perfect day, just a little chilly but not too much, we had a great time:)
and now, we are Much fatter,lol, what with maple donuts and maple sugar candy and maple fudge ...........
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