Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally Blogging the Hawaii trip:)

Well, it's only taken me a week,lol....but I had to upload pics and videos, and the week was just too busy to get it done most evenings.

(I'm going to split this post up between here and the 'Mail Call!' blog)

The above pic is a 'teaser' for you to click on the picture links, be warned! I had about 234 pictures from the 330 we took, to choose from to upload.....and then I got confused uploading them,LOL....but I tried to pick out the best ones.

Besides welcoming Dustin home at about 1:00 a.m. on Jan. 27th, while we were in Hawaii we also drove to the North Shore a few times, visited the USS Arizona memorial at Pearl Harbor, visited the Punchbowl Veteran's cemetery, and drove around Diamond Head to the eastern side of the island to take a hike up to the Makapuu Point lighthouse (pictured above)

even though it was often overcast and rainy and a little chilly (for Hawaii...we missed an ice storm back home while we were gone, so I'm Not complaining) Oahu was still absolutely beautiful, and we had a fabulous time!!!

so, here go the links:

The photos I posted on Facebook

(the link for album 2 will be on the other blog,it's mainly the welcome home pics)

(there's another album from Punchbowl cemetery, that link will be on the other blog......and the story will be over there)

Now, for the video links....I posted the videos we took on MySpace (I have been uploading pictures and videos half the day here,LOL.

The 'Welcoming Ceremony' video link I'll put on the Mail Call! blog, but here are some nice videos we took of beaches and waves:

waves crashing (we saw some Beautiful sights on our hike, and took several of these)

and this last one is of a beach near the lighthouse

a beach video (with a fire truck beeping as it backed up, towards the end of the video,lol)

well, I think that's got the 'blogging the Hawaii trip' covered! Enjoy!
The link to the Welcome Home part of the post is Here

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