Saturday, January 10, 2009

Updates (on 'watching paint dry':)

Well, after spending eons of time voting for Mom and Dad's dog, he didn't make it to the next phase of the contest:( ah,well, we still love you, Teddy!

It's cold and rainy and gloomy here today.......but just in case you were wondering?

Hawaii Weather today....Oahu forecast

Sunny, haze. Highs around 78. Light winds becoming south around 10 mph in the late morning and afternoon.

(not much longer till we're there.....Woo Hoo!!!!!:)

Did I mention that April is once again in the musical this year? They're doing " Hello,Dolly! "
I made the comment to a friend that I just thought that was a weird choice for the musical this year......and she reminded me that the Pixar movie, Wall-E had elements inspired by Hello,Dolly! Wall-E meets Hello,Dolly!

(so, yeah, I guess I understand the choice better now:)

actually, I'm kind of looking forward to the musical.....out of all the years I either helped as the stage crew on high school musicals, or went to See high school musicals? I don't remember ever seeing that one.

and that's all my exciting news for today:)
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