Friday, May 16, 2008

Time for more Puppy Pictures :)

Brownie sure is growing! This was when we first got her:

and this is Brownie today:

Here's "The Three Amigo's " (Tiger, Brownie, and Ginger)

(had to snap That one quick,lol, Tiger and Brownie don't really have too much to do with each other....and since Brownie thinks Ginger is a 'squeaky chew toy'.....a second after I snapped this, they had all Dispersed :)

We Finally succeeded last night in persuading Brownie out of the yard on her leash....up to this point, we've been unable to take her for walks.

She's a big hit with all the kids in the neighborhood:)  When you take her outside, the block resounds with calls of "Brownie,Brownie,Brownie!" and kids come running to see her. She Loves it :)  This afternoon, had about 5 little boys in the front yard running around with her, April had her on the leash.  One little first grader told me "You know what I call this? Today is a 'Brownie Day!' " :)

Here's one of Brownie playing with Ginger

and here's Tiger and Ginger snoozing together (sock provided courtesy of 'the puppy who drags around any loose socks she finds' :)



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