Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bunny Rescue (Updated)

UPDATE  Darn, we found the owners, they live up the street. Ah well, we had a 'bunny for a day', at least.



Look at the bunny we found this morning, outside crouched under Tony's truck,shivering,poor thing.

(and yes, Tony took a picture of her on the Stove...rofl...I have no idea Why:)

I saw it under his truck when I came home from work this morning. I crouched down and said 'hello,bunny"....and "here, bunny".....which just seemed to scare it,LOL. Went in and woke Tony up, and he brought out lettuce and lured it out so he could pick it up.
We are presuming it's abandoned, although we have put up a few fliers around the neighborhood in case it just got lost.
Tony has been wanting a dog, and when he was holding.....him?her? it?....when we got inside, he looked down at 'Bunny' and said "this sure is a funny looking dog!
"He asked for a dog, and God gave him a bunny"......I think there's a country song somewhere in that :)
If no one says they've lost her, I guess we'll keep her/it/him.  Currently she's upstairs in one of the spare rooms, where we can keep the door shut so the cats don't kill her even tho she is Bigger than our smallest cat,lol, and we went and got some rabbit food and bedding/litter. 
(actually, the cats got along with her OK, altho they seemed startled,lol, and now they are giving me funny looks....."there's that woman that brought in that...Thing...good heavens, what will she do Next! Keep an eye on her :   :)
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